Unleash the power of your data with Strategic AI

MindGap will help identify the opportunities in your data and deliver Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to drive real business value


What can Strategic AI deliver?

Identify new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities
Improve operational efficiency and accuracy
Determine the key decision drivers and focus the value proposition
Develop an astute understanding of customer behaviour and enrich user experience
Respond quickly to changes in the business environment

About us

MindGap brings deep expertise in Strategy Consulting alongside Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and frameworks. Our agile and results-oriented approach allows us to create a tailor-made experience for every client, realising the full potential of the data.

Our team blends the business focus of top-tier strategy consulting firms with cutting-edge technological prowess of computer science researchers in leading tech universities. This blend ensures that we focus on the highest impact issues and deliver sustainable business value using the latest scientific techniques and methodologies.

  • Combination of scientific and business-focused approach 

  • Impact-oriented and energetic agile project team

  • Data science toolkit based on cutting-edge research

  • Top-tier strategy consulting toolkit based on experience with Fortune 500 clients

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We specialise in a range of data-driven technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities

  • Data segmentation, clustering, and visualisation

  • Predictive analytics/recommendation systems

  • Customised multi-channel chatbots

  • Computer vision and video analytics

We have supported clients across multiple industries and sectors

  • Financial institutions: banks, fintech, insurance

  • Travel, transportation and logistics

  • Retailers and e-commerce operators

  • Industrial goods, construction, energy

  • Telecommunications and media



Forecasting tickets sales conversion and pricing decision algorithm

Delivery of users segmentation and choosing effective marketing strategies

Development of a profiling system for investments and recommendations


Development of a predictive system of customer churn based on big massives of transaction data


Our team


Ben Gutkovich,

 Managing Director

Ben brings 20 years of experience, both as an industry practitioner and as a Strategy Consultant. As a former Manager at McKinsey & Company in London, Ben supported C-level executives of multinational corporations, with the development of growth strategy and implementation of cost-saving measures, across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, retail, financial services and healthcare, among others. Ben holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science with distinction and an MBA from London Business School.

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Alexey Tretyakov, Managing Director

Alexey is a Marketing, Growth, and PR specialist with expertise in Fintech and a vast network of media and business executives. During his career, Alexey has helped several companies build their outreach and develop strategic partnerships. As a hobby, Alexey curates the organisation of several TEDx conferences. Alexey holds a Masters degrees from UCL and Higher School of Economics, majoring in Management and Analytics for Business.


Andrei Filchenkov, CTO

Andrei is an award-winning Associate Professor of Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science at one of the best-ranked technical institutions worldwide — ITMO University, St Petersburg. Head of machine learning research group. Andrei’s team has won several international coding championships. With  100+ prestigious scientific publications to his name and delivery of 200+ business-related projects, Andrei is an experienced technical leader. 


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